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BA 9200 - Seminar on University Teaching

Fall 2016 Schedule (CRN: 81988) ALC 12






Lecture 1: Introduction

Critical Success Factors for improved learning

Overview of Bloom et al. Taxonomy of Objectives

Cognitive Objectives (Lowman, Chapters 1, 10)


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Lecture 2a: Introduction to Learning Styles, Effective Lecture

(Lowman, Chapter 7)

Lecture 2b: Course and Lecture Organization

Alternative Approcahes


Lecture 3: Teaching for Meaningful and Integrated Learning

Cooperative Groups and Active Learning

(Lowman, Chapters 2,3)

Assignment 1 due (Write Objectives, discuss how to achieve in classroom)


Student Mini Presentations

[15 minute lecture on business school related topic of your choice]

Feedback Form: Please print copies of this form one for each of your classmates that you will provide feedback to.


Bring Feedback Form Copies

Assignment 2 due

(Concept map for your course, Lecture outline of your choice)



Student Mini Presentations continued

Bring Feedback Form Copies



Student Mini Presentations continued

(presentations completed)

Lecture 4:

Test Construction, Table of Specification

Questions for different learning levels

Structured Essay, Multiple Choice

Grading Essays, Projects

Bring Feedback Form Copies


Assignment 3 due (Two Multiple Choice, and two Structured Short Answer questions at MI level)


Lecture 5: The Case Method


Lecture 6: Student Evaluation Instruments

Examination of our instrument (RCB at GSU)

Your teaching philosophy

Assignment 4 due

1. Proposal for a new course or modification of an existing one.


2. Statement of teaching philosophy.